Rich Alderson owner and operator of Alderson Acoustics is that unusual player in the world of audio who, while not well known to the general public, has been at the forefront of many important junctures in the world of music and sound. For instance, Alderson practically invented the concept of DIY studios in the early 1960s, long before this became an accepted means of producing high quality professional recordings.
Alderson began in audio as personal technician for Sherman Fairchild, developer of the famous Fairchild 660 compressor. Alderson’s audio engineering career began with Bob Dylan’s
Live at the Gaslight 1962, and as sound engineer for Dylan’s landmark world tour with the Band in 1965/6. Also in the early 60’s he engineered Nina Simone’s most acclaimed live recordings; Nina Simone at the Village Gate and Nina at Carnegie Hall. Alderson provided live sound for Harry Belafonte for several years, and subsequently built a recording studio on West 65th Street in New York City (Impact Sound), in partnership with Belafonte. At Impact Alderson recorded the major portion of the famed ESP Disk free jazz and avant-folk catalog, and there he produced the famed Pearls Before Swine and Fugs recordings for ESP. Alderson also recorded extensively for Prestige and Fania records at Impact during the 1960s.
From 1969 to 1975 Alderson sojourned in Chiapas Mexico where he recorded the indigenous music of the region which is currently available from the Smithsonian Museum. This work has been reviewed as some of the best ethnic recording of all time.
Returning from Mexico in 1975 Alderson built Rosebud Recording for Ralph MacDonald in New York City where he recorded music included in the soundtrack of
Saturday Night Fever and many LPs for Grover Washington including the famed Winelight featuring ”Just the Two of Us” with Bill Withers. At Rosebud Alderson recorded many other important artists of the period such as Ashford and Simpson, Roberta Flack, and David Sanborn.
In the late 1980s Alderson began his extensive career as a studio designer and builder. Beginning with many private studios for well known producers such as Rob Mounsey, Alderson moved on to design several facilities for large advertising agencies and major audio post production companies. Recently Alderson designed private studios for famed international DJs, both locally and in Europe.
During Alderson’s entire career he has designed and built his patented loudspeakers for legendary musicians such as Leopold Stokowski. Alderson Acoustics speakers have been utilized in numerous high end mastering rooms, recording studios, and multimedia installations.
Alderson has continuously recorded and produced music throughout his five decade career. Alderson received a nomination for engineering at the 2009 Grammys.