Alderson Acoustics has been designing loudspeakers since 1962. We began building custom speakers for famed audio pioneer Sherman Fairchild. We can provide many levels of service including installation and tuning of other manufacturer’s products. Any type of custom design for any kind of monitoring, sound reinforcement, or club sound can be built to order. Hundreds of our custom designs are in use with private clients and professionals worldwide.
In 1962 we built our patented speakers for Leopold Stokowski. In the mid 1960s Alderson speakers were installed at the Village Gate, Toured with The Ford Caravan of Music, and were utilized for Harry Belafonte’s live performances. In the 1980s and ‘90s our speakers were installed at Greene Street Films studios, Herb Powers House of Sound, and Integrated Studios (all control rooms and Mastering Lab). Alderson also did several installations for Quested Monitors including Gloria Estefan’s and Whitney Houston’s Studios in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Most recently we designed and installed 5 Blue Sky surround systems for Sonic Union in NYC. We also outfitted both of Roger Sanchez’s recording studios (Edgewater NJ and Ibiza Spain) with our large and small mastering systems and our custom surround system in 2009. Recommendations and demonstrations of our latest designs are available by appointment.