MIX October 1, 2009 A NEW POST PLAYER (excerpted from a column By David Weiss)
Even though advertising budgets are in tatters, elite options remain in the extremely competitive New York City audio post scene. In fact, a fresh mix-to-picture capacity has recently been added to the Manhattan skyline in the form of a new mix suite, an entirely new facility called Sonic Union.
Sonic Union's inviting layout feels alive with natural colors, textures and abundant light. “When we set out to design our new home,” Marinelli recalls, “one of our main objectives was to not build a place that looked like it was designed by a bunch of audio geeks. Through some crazy circles we met this brilliant architect, Raya Ani, who had never designed anything like this. Sonic Union was the first project undertaken by her own architectural practice. Because we were planning on using Rich Alderson for the acoustics and technical design, we felt we could push the envelope on facility design and that Richard would make sure that the rooms would sound incredible.”
For the main suites, Alderson created two approximately 600-square-foot rooms, each running Pro Tools HD3 systems and bolstered by Blue Sky Big Blue and Genelec monitoring systems. Endowed with a 120-inch projection screen, Rosen's room qualified for and received a Dolby approval.
“Sonic Union's clients have grown up in the dotcom world and are totally accustomed to working in a minimal environment with a small equipment footprint,” Alderson says of the open-feeling rooms. “A lot of care went into accommodating the display screens and projector so that they could have very good visual contact. In a typical post session, there can be as many as 10 people in the room, so care was taken with the monitoring to ensure everyone could hear well, no matter where they were sitting.”
Alderson was featured in Mix in July 1999 “Mastering’s Finest Studios” (Powers House of Sound)
August 1992 “This Year’s Hottest new Rooms” (Dennis Hayes-Random Bus).
Alderson Acoustics room design was featured on the cover of MIX magazine November 1995 (Buzz).